Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter Midnight Release Experience

So, as usual, I'm behind on blogging. Except that this time I have a legitimate excuse which about 90% of the book-reading population will accept: I was reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I will not spoil you here and now, I promise. I just want to talk about my midnight release experience. And as Justine Larbalestier commented on her blog, it seems the majority of the internets disappeared along with me for the same reason.

Alright, so it actually started out at 9 in the morning Friday believe it or not. The Borders I was going to for the release party opens at 9, and that's when you can pick-up your wristband that determines the order in which you get your book. I was actually 5 minutes late, but my friend thankfully saved me a spot in line. The line was unbelievably long and wrapped around the store. I did not end up far back in that line, but I still waited about 40 minutes. In that 40 minutes I discussed with my friend Jess and her friend who's name I don't actually know, the possibilities of the series conclusion, the different characters, (some Twilight), and then I played on my iPod for them two songs. The first was Accio Deathly Hallows by Hank Green of Brotherhood 2.0, the second was Mysterious Ticking from Potter Puppet Pals. They loved it, and I loved the odd looks we were getting from those around us. Life's more fun that way.

Anyway, I got the wrist band and I ended up in the second group: silver. Which I was happy with, it meant a heck of a lot less waiting at midnight!

But here's the thing, my friend Jess who I had gone with, she had her graduation party that day too, which was fun and all, but it meant we couldn't leave her party until 11:30 at the earliest. And I think we got out of there even later than that because we dressed up and had to get ready still.

The party at Borders we went to was called the Grand Hallows Ball, so my friends and I all dressed up in formal ball dresses (well, as close as we could get: prom dresses), which was, admittedly, my idea. So yeah, it took us a bit to get ready, and then we had to pick up a friend on the way. I wish we could have been there for everything though, there was a Harry Potter spelling bee, and the Great Snape Debate, and a raffle too.

So we show up and it takes us about 10 minutes to figure out what's going on and where we need to be. Half of our group had green wristbands, and Jess and I had silver ones. Half way through the store was where you got the books and they had just started on green, so Jess and I got to skip right to the book table. We made a lot of people mad, but we were like "waited a long time this morning for this wristband, we're even." I refused to open the book in line because I knew I'd go crazy if I had to stop in the middle of a page or chapter or something when it came time to pay for it. I had to cover my eyes when Jess flipped to the last page to check how many pages there were because I know myself: I can't not read something on a page I flip to. 758 pages by the way. The line went really fast and I paid and all that, and got a free poster too! It'll be going on my wall once I find somewhere to put it, I think I'm going to need to move things around a bit.

I got a lot of compliments and questions on my dress (and mask too, my friend Chris brought materials for us to make house color masks) and I saw so many great costumes. There were a lot of girls with pink hair as Tonks, they were easy to spot. And one of the cashiers was Mad-Eye Moody. Some people dressed as Hogwarts students, and some in house colors. The best costume I saw though was one of the Borders employees as Dolores Umbridge. I swear, she could have been Umbridge in the movie. I talked with her for a few minutes and she explained to me that she could have done better if she could have worn her pink heels, but she couldn't for some reason (I forget what) and went with pink trainers instead. It still worked really well, and was honestly the best costume I've seen so far either in real life or from pictures of other release parties.

I had an awful lot of fun that night, and I wish Borders had midnight releases for other series too because I would definately go. And this time I'd show up for all the activities.

Sad that this is the last one, but I think it was ended very well. I won't spoil you though.

P.s. did I mention last week that I met the Phelps twins (movie Weasley twins) when I went to see Order of the Phoenix? So much cuter in person!)

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