Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I am not to be trusted

I need to stop saying things on here like "I will do this for you next week" or "I'll put this up later." Because I never do, obviously.

So maybe I'll just post when I actually have something. I do want to post here more often though, so I'll put up the comic reviews--that I already have done! And possibly some shorter reviews & blurbs. When I get my new computer, well, we'll see.

But I am alive. I am reading. I am writing.

If any of you want to read a sample of my children's writing, you can read Fork Lad's Tale here. It's a short story I wrote for my brother, based off of the Whisk Pirate Adventures I've been writing for my friends. Just fun, not serious writing. It's probably more practice because it's very different from my usual writing style.

Oh and hey, if you have a Twitter, let me know! You all can follow me here.


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