Sunday, February 25, 2007

She's Cine It (link) and an Update

She's Cine It, a blog reviewing (and probably smashing) movies that K has seen. It'll be great, trust me, I've read some of her older reviews.

Also, I've been busy lately and have gotten behind on blogs, I'm catching up now, please forgive me for my tardiness.
But my news, I had my qualifying exam for the SkillsUSA IL photoshop competition Friday night, and I think I did really good. I placed 2nd on the qualifying last year, I hope I got 1st this year! I'll have the scores back sometime this week, but I'm for sure going down state for Skills in web design and homepage design--wish me luck!
And I'm writing more with The Elemental Spell, the big news of this being that I figured out the ending! Yes, now all I have to do is write it. Now, if only I could get over my writer's block for Marshall Manor...

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