Sunday, May 20, 2007

Where to Write

Yesterday, Candy Gorlay blogged about Stephen King and all the places one can read (with amusing pictures too).
As for writing a lot, Scary Steve says a writing room "only needs one thing: a door which you are willing to shut".

I commented pointing out that you need something a little more than a closed door, you need to be cut off from distractions, because writers get easily distracted. We'll even (attempt to) vaccuum our cat if it means time away from writing. Yes, we do frequently try to avoid the thing we love most, the thing that is our lives and our jobs, it's what we do. So I've made a list in response to Candy's post of all the places you can write in your house without being distracted.

Your bathroom tub!
Under your desk!
In your car in your driveway (with the radio off)!
In the storage room!
And my fave, in the closet!

Seriously, take your laptop into the closet, turn on the light, close the door, and start writing!


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