Monday, June 25, 2007

Newsflash: Teen Writing Usually Does Suck

This is a blog reply to Scalzi's 10 Things Teenage Writers Should Know About Writing and On Teens, and the Fact that Their Writing Sucks posts.

Teens, I'm sorry, but on the overall, your writing really does suck. Don't tell me I don't understand, because, guess what! I'm a teen writer. Yes, I'm a teen writer and I'm agreeing with Scalzi that our (yes, our) writing sucks.

If I look back on my writing just a few years ago, I wince. My writing seriously sucked. Now it just sucks a little less, I'm starting to come out of the suck phase, but I'm not quite out yet. All of us can, I'm sure, I mean, all the writers before us have (well, all the good ones), we just need to push through it.

See, as Scalzi points out in his original post, we're young. We haven't had time to really make a style for ourselves, yet to find our true writing voice. But we still have time.

Just keep reading and writing, and don't be afraid to change, because not changing will keep you in the suck phase, and then you'd have a real problem.

Don't complain about it, and don't yell at Scalzi for telling the truth, just keep on working through it. If you really try, you'll get it eventually.

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Kamari said...

Well....then...How..sweet of you to say that. In actuality, most teenage writing might suck, if it wasn't worked on. And guess what? If it does, that's what editors are there for. To fix the bad grammar, and tell you what you need to work on again. I doubt that he would be any good without an editor. And don't doubt your writing, that's just giving in to saying that you suck at writing.


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