Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Fanfics for a good cause

YO! Fanfic writers! Here's a great way to use your fanfics for a good cause!

Here's the deal, truelovepooh on LJ was diagnosed with both stage two ovarian cancer and breast cancer last year. I don't personally know her, but does that really matter? Anyway, the deal is that a bunch of people on & off LJ are banding together in a mass-fandom fanfic contest to keep her spirits up.

Any fandom/pairing is allowed, just so long as the theme is "healing."

If you want to write about Edward (or Jake) taking care of Bella when she's sick, do it.
If you want to write about Josh Foley healing..well...everyone, do it.
If you want to write about how to save Norrington, do it.
If you want to write about um...Windalf healing a pixie, do it. (...it's a fandom! Or we'll make it one anyway XD )

info here

Hope you all join me in this :D

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