Thursday, November 12, 2009

NaNoWriMo 09: Do you do research?

And if you do, what sorts of things do you research? Do you only look up the really big things, or the small things too?

I seem to research only really odd things.

My list so far consists of (but is not limited to): potatoes, the great Irish potato famine, the Great Chicago Fire, maglev trains, the history of flight, airplanes, train bombings across the world (especially those in London, New York, & Moscow), clouds, crop circles, & urban legends.

I'm pretty sure my novel is the first thing to combine all of those together.


Jordyn said...

Well, you know about most of my research because it involved you, but mostly what I've researched for this is the city of Chicago. I feel like I need to get the details right. Aside from the city, I've also researched:

the exact locations of Starbucks,
the schedule of the L train (okay, totally related to the city),
and what day homecoming dances are usually on.

Jordyn said...

When I say "involved you" I mean that you helped with my research, not that I was researching you. *fail*


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