Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday's are the writer's candy

Well, I just got back from a short trip to my aunt's house. And long car trips/vacation downtime are great for getting me on task with my writing. I think it's the lack of internet that helps best. But while I was gone I couldn't work on The Conqueror because everything I have written for that so far, and all my sticky notes with ideas, were at home on my desk and bulletin board. Fortunately I had everything I needed to work on Zarcona written down in small easy-to-pack notebooks. Now I'm happy to say I have the basic plot of the first book all written down. Of coarse this isn't all the little details or anything, it's just an overview, but it's a big step.

In other news, Friday's are the days I usually like to have off to give the creative juices a break. I find that a day spent with friends and having fun can be good to keep my stories from becoming dull and dry.

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Jude said...

You are right there Jez. Internet's a killer when it comes to writing- too much of a distraction and Fridays are fab for fun.


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