Monday, July 03, 2006

Writing, reading, life update

I can't believe it's been almost a month since my last update, so sorry about that. Thing is, without school or a daily job, everything just melds together and I loose all track of time what-so-ever. Like tomorrow is the 4th of July, that doesn't seem possible at all. And I also just realized it's 1:30 AM here, probably shouldn't be on, but I'm awake and I won't remember to update when I'm online later.

So, because of the time, I'll try to keep things short.
I'm taking a short break from The Conqueror to get some things sorted out with its plot, mostly with the timeline of it all. Been working a little on Zarcona, but not much writing sadly. Zarcona book 1 is planned out from start to finish, just a sketchy outline, but at least I won't have the problems Conqueror has given me. And I've got a plot bunny gnawing on my leg to write some fanfiction.

With reading I haven't read too much that's new, but right now I'm reading Scott Westerfeld's "Specials", the conclusion of his Uglies series. I love Westerfeld, so I'm enjoying this book. And really trying to catch up with comics, because I'm a comic junkie and I missed so much over the past few months. And as predicted, I finished my books for the library's summer reading program in the first two weeks, a whole month before I was supposed to be done.

Speaking of the summer reading program, I've been busy with it. Months ago I figured I'd have a totally boring summer and I'd want something to do, so I signed up to volunteer with a lot of things at the library. And now I'm there a lot and just wanting to bang my head against the wall repetitively most of the time. And handling 4 younger siblings full time babysitting, not fun.

So busy, busy, busy, but still alive.

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