Wednesday, July 05, 2006

June 2006 Reading List

Here's all what I read in June.

Midnighters (Volume 3) Blue Noon by Scott Westerfeld
Peeps by Scott Westerfeld
PhD: Phantasy Degree Volume 1 by Son Hee-Joon (manga)
Fushigi Yûgi Volume 1 by Yû Watase (manga)
Fushigi Yûgi Volume 2 by Yû Watase (manga)
Fushigi Yûgi Volume 3 by Yû Watase (manga)
Ultimate X-Men Volume 9 (comic trade)
Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde

It doesn't look like much, but those books were great. Look for some short reviews on the novels here soon, I've got to write them for the library anyways.

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