Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Interview: Christina

For Children's Book Week I am interviewing basically anyone who wants to be interviewed about their favorite children's/YA books and about the genres themselves. Today we start with one of my best friends, Christina, who asked me to let her do this. So, here we go, my first reader interview!

Jez: First off, what is your favorite book in either children's lit or young adult literature? Why?
Chris: Stargirl. Has wonderful, colorful characters. ♥ Great story. I also really like A Great and Terrible Beauty.

Jez: Is this the same book you loved as a child, or has that changed over the years?
Chris: Not the same books I loved as a child--my books changed with interest. From silly ones: I SPY, ghost stories to Nancy Drew, Stable Club, Babysitters Club...I've always gravitated towards books with great female leads, though. I always loved the Bernstein Bears though (♥ ).

Jez: Is there any book that stands out that really impacted you, either positively or negatively? Any books that you associate with a specific time in your life?
Chris: There was this riddle book I read in the first grade called "Who am I?" I was obsessed with solving the riddle, and read it a bunch of times in the library. That was when I didn't like reading that much at all. I think that's why I got really into Nancy Drew books, because they were great mysteries. I got totally engrossed, and wanted to be just like Nancy--smart and stylish (check!). I think she was a good role model for babyChris. I remember I really liked those historical diary books. I own 4 or 5 and have read a lot of them.

Jez: What was your favorite book that you had to read in school?
Chris: I can't remember any YA books I had to read in school, except for The Diary of Ann Frank and Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. I don't think I liked reading those very much. Read them in...3rd or 4th grade for Excel.
Jez: I'm going to assume that Excel was like super honors, because those are tough books to read as a 3rd grader. I think this is sort of like the Giver in that you can technically "read" it as a young child, but you don't understand the full magnitude (Ann Frank-Holocaust; Giver-Communism) until you are much older.

Jez: What do you love most about children's literature? Do you think this gives it an advantage over adult literature?
Chris: Children's literature is incredibly creative--you don't get as much in adult literature. It relies heavily on the child's imagination and really good books set off some spark--the want to write, draw, play, act, do scientific experiments, solve mysteries, or even make awesome flying crafts out of paper and balloons (thank you, BB). Adult literature is way too serious for its subjects--children's literature can be as goofy as green apes (grapes) and still be effective in conveying a message. Kid's books seem more fun to write, too. P:

Jez: What is the most important lesson you have learned from a book?
Chris: Generation Dead taught me that not all books about zombies are worth reading. Harry Potter told me that magic is everywhere, just hiding from us Muggles. Stargirl said that being myself is the most fun. Flipped reminded me that young love is foolish and funny in its own naive way. A Great and Terrible Beauty showed me that you can create your own paradise as long as you have friends, magic, and the courage to take responsibility for it.
Jez: We've argued zombies before, and you know I don't like zombie books, so we'll skip past that and move on.

Jez: Who is your favorite character, or which one do you identify with the most?
Chris: My favorite character is Stargirl. The most amusing person, I think we would get along swimmingly and be the best of friends. :D
Jez: The potential best friend character seems to be the reason why we pick some of our favorite characters. I mean, I'd give anything to be best friends with Mandie, Claudia, Lincoln, or Ms Frizzle. Of course, I'd like to be most of them also, which is another reason we go towards certain characters.

A big, extra-sized thank you to Christina for forcing me being the first reader interview here at TypesetWorld! You're the best, darling!

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