Thursday, May 25, 2006

Finals kill inspiration

Well, this is quite interesting isn't it? I've applied to be added to the Author's Blogs listings. I should be on there soon. Can't wait to find time to check out other author's blogs.

In other news I've not been writing so much as I have been brainstorming. I've got The Conqueror all planned out and I can tell you one's going to be exceedingly long. Also, I've been looking back on some of my old ideas for fiction books wondering if I would want to go back and work on those after I finish The Conqueror and Zarcona (at least the first book). I think I'll just wait and see what's going on at that point.

In my time at school when I'm not writing or studying for finals, I've been looking over the writings of a friend of mine. She's definately got a lot of potential, but needs help with little things like grammar and spelling, and maybe a little bit of clarity could be of use as well. Her story is definately interesting and I hope she continues to pursue writing in the future. As far as I know she's going to a state college to learn psychology, but I'm not sure if that's what she plans to be her major.

Well, only 3 days of school left, two of them shortened, and all three involving finals. This should get interesting...and highly stress-making. As you can tell from the title, the finals have temporarily squashed my inspiration to write. But starting this time next week, I will have loads of time for writing, reading, and volunteering. Also this summer I will be meeting with my pastor about the possibility of me attending a Christian school after high school is over with. I really hope I can go.

Some book recommendations:
Midnighters (trilogy) by Scott Westerfeld. There's a 25th hour that only certain people can get into while the rest of the world remains frozen. Jessica Day discovers she can reach this world, and that 4 other teens can too. But the true Midnight hour hides many other creatures that she'll have to face.

Fruits Basket by natsuki Tayaka. A fantasy manga about an orphan girl who is taken in by the mysterious Sohma family. Soon she finds out that this family isn't all they appear to be, they're actually possessed by the spirits of the zodiac!

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