Thursday, May 11, 2006

Zarcona becomes a series

For all of you who have been lurking over at my writing journal, then you probably know about Zarcona. Well, it is no longer a book, it is now going to be a series. I have not decided if it will be set of two or of three, but it is most decidedly longer than one book.

Some background information for those who have not read my journal:
Zarcona originally started out with the title Ledgends of Certaori (really Zarcona is still a working title). The story is, like all my other works, satirical. This one is satirical of religion in government, and as usual, government in general. Zarcona takes place in a fantasy world in a city ruled by the Demis. The Demis are a group of different types of beings, all the top in their field. When the Demi of Religion goes missing, his daughter Zerea is appointed to team up with the guide Merka, and the Demi's young assistant, Gala, to serch for him. But are the Demis all they really seem to be?
Zarcona was put off for a while when I got the idea for The Conqueror and couldn't help but jump on that one instead. Over the past months in which I have worked on The Conqueror I've been planning a little bit for Zarcona, but haven't done much writing. Until now. I'm currently finishing up The Conqueror, and restarting on Zarcona, so I'm balancing two books. But I've recently been bogged down with inspiration and new plot ideas for Zarcona, so I hope that the series will move quickly.

So, is anyone interested in hearing more about Zarcona? What do you think of my pitch? And would you read either The Conqueror or Zarcona?


Jude said...

Hi Jez, do you like Philip Pulman? You sound like an avid fantasy reader and writer. Best of luck with the books- a series. Wow.

Jez said...

Hey Jude, thanks for the comment. Yes, I've read a little bit of Philip Pulman (Dark Materials series), and he's pretty good. I'm not especially fond of his style, but I definately like his stories.


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