Sunday, October 01, 2006

Little Miss Sunshine--As I Lay Dying?

In case I don't get a full post out this week, I want to get the basics of this down before I forget any of it.

I saw Little Miss Sunshine this weekend (which is rated R btw), and I just finished reading As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner in school and I couldn't stop thinking of connections between the two, especially in the characters as the movie went on.

Contains spoilers for both Little Miss Sunshine and As I Lay Dying

Addie Bundren to Grandpa Edwin Hoover-Basically they die. And they have similar personalities, and leave a little "curse" by making the family travel (or continue travelling in the grandpa's case) with their dead body.

Anse Bundren to Sheryl Hoover-Quiet, indecisive, will do all they can to keep a promise to a family member, takes the family on a crazy road trip to keep said promise

Cash Bundren to Dwayne Hoover-Quiet, determined, most sane?, and the oldest son

Darl Bundren to Frank Ginsburg-Considered crazy, the outsider, misunderstood, and knew more than the others

Jewel Bundren to Richard Hoover-Abusive to family members, possibly the strongest in the family, puts something else above the family (horse; job)

Vardaman Bundren to Olive Hoover-Young, innocent, confused by/unaware of situations and people around them

Those are just the basics, hopefully I'll be able to make a decent post on the connections and elaborate more on them.

(Also, not a connection, but Vardaman has the best chapter ever "My mother is a fish")


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that I thought the exact same thing! My class read the book and I immediately thought of Little Miss Sunshine. Have you been able to find anything about whether the connections were intentional?

Sydney Viera said...

I agree!


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