Saturday, September 16, 2006

Review: The Last Days by Scott Westerfeld

The Last Days by Scott Westerfeld
YA/Science Fiction

In Peeps we were first introduced to the parasite that turns people into modern day vampires, and we know a lot about the world in which they live from the main character, Cal. The Last Days is a different story. These five don't know much about the parasite, except for their singer who has experienced the effects, but doesn't know the cause. They just want to start up a band, but will they be able to do that in this world with more and more people contracting the parasite everyday and the apocalypse waiting just around the corner?

The characters in this book were great, all very original and interesting. And their slang made them sound like any other teenager. The book is set up so that each chapter is told from one of the band member's point of view, which constantly changes, making it a fun and different read. This is also the first band book I've ever read that I didn't hate, in fact, I loved it. I admit that I liked Peeps better, but this book was loved in a much different way, and is, like most of Westerfeld's books, one of my favorites. Although I also have to admit that I think it could have used a better ending, something with slightly more closure on the characters themselves, though it did bring things full circle.

Overall, a great read that teens will love, especially those teens who like vampire or band stories.

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