Monday, January 22, 2007

Chapter Length--Edit: Link

It has come to my attention in all my blog-reading today* that the great Justine Larbalestier has written lately on a similar topic to my last post. Check out her post on paragraph length.

Just check out Justine in general, she's great. By the way, she's the one with the posts about writing times. (And John Scalzi had some to say on the subject too)

*My younger brother is sick and I am staying home with him today to take care of him due to the fact that my dad is working in Chicago and my mum is at some esthetician's class in San Diego


JoeBlogs said...

I guess a paragraph should ideally concern only one topic.

Jez said...

One topic per paragraph is the general rule, yes, but as Justine pointed out in her post on paragraph length (which I agree with), sometimes with this rule you get too-long paragraphs. They keep on going until they are (if I may quote Jasper Fforde) "detailed to the point of distraction."
If you want something to stand out, make it stand out with a new paragraph--or even a new chapter.

Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Thanks for posting this Jez. I had a look at Justine's site and found it very interesting.


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