Monday, January 22, 2007

Chapter Length/Writing Time

"And it really was the kitten after all."

"My mother is a fish."

Both of the above quotes are from well-known pieces of literature (Through the Looking Glass and As I Lay Dying respectively), and I hope you'll notice something: they're both one sentence long. They're chapters; chapters with less than ten words. Some books have chapters unbelievably long, 30 pages, more. Large sums of writers worry about their chapter lengths, if they're long enough, but should they? If these two books had chapters 5 or 8 words long, and made it better than most others, should we really worry about how many pages long our chapters are? If we get the point across how we want, the word count doesn't matter.

Also, there's a lot of buzz in the sci-fi community of authors about how much time should be spent writing a day. Some say 4 hours a day, some say more; some of us, however, agree that it depends on the writer. I myself only spend about an hour a day (usually) writing, but I'm a student with younger siblings to take care of. Sometimes I'll get in up to 5 hours a day, but that's not exactly normal, and even then it's not constant: I get snacks, mess around with the songs in iTunes, check other books for things, draw, doll how my character looks, use the bathroom, and in general, procrastinate. Again, who cares how long it takes to get done as long as it gets done?

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Anita Marion Loughrey said...

I find even though I set myself at least two hours a day to get some writing done, I waste alot of the time and don't get hardly anything done at all. It is hard to commit to the time I set aside.


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