Sunday, July 29, 2007

Authors Answer: Favorite Characters

About two weeks ago I emailed a bunch of authors and asked them two to three simple questions (depending on their answers) about their characters, two of them emailed me back so far. If any reply after this (because some got sent late because of full inboxes and other problems) I will continue to post their answers. Here's what I've received so far though.

Justine Larbalestier
Who was your favorite character in your books and why?
That is an unanswerable question. I love them all! Even the villians.
Honest. Except for when I hate them all.

Who was your favorite character to *write* and why?
Usually whichever is the one I'm finding easiest, which varies. Right
now it would be the protag of the novel I'm working on right now. But
who knows who it'll be in a few weeks?

Norm Cowie
Who was your favorite character in your books and why?
Tough question. That's why I wrote a sequel. I loved the characters. The word play between Knob (the elf wannabe) and Thurman (the sorcerer) comes from both characters. And then they both gang up on Guy, with the Warrior keeping a fond 'parental' eye over their squabbling, making it dialogue rich and fun at the same time. But if you pinned me down, ... I'd bleed, maybe sue for assault... but in the end, I'd have to admit that Knob is my favorite. He's clueless, learned, innocent, sensitive, ferociously protective and creative at the same time.

Who was your favorite character to *write* and why?
The Warrior might ... just might ... be my favorite. Again, it's tough, because they are all a hoot. But writing her battle cries ("I earned these spider veins!" and "Ketchup is too a food group!") and creatively reaching to try and write a believeable woman character was a fun test of my imagination. She's vulnerable, but can kick your butt at the same time.

If these are different, why?
I think for the reasons I gave. One was fun to create because I'm so far removed from being a lady warrior. But the other is, well, a guy, and I have some experience there, and the truth just had to be told.

Thank you very much to Norm & Justine for replying to me! Hopefully I can get some late replies too. :) And if you're a fellow writer, you don't need to be emailed to answer these, I would love if you sent me your answers too! lyokofans at yahoo dot com

Also, all blogging is going to be put off for awhile while I write. I made a few major breakthroughs over the past few days (one which woke me up and kept me awake for an hour while I made notes, haha) and I really need to write them out before I loose all the details.

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