Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Odd Fact & Question

Just two more things, then I swear I'll stop bombarding you with lots of posts all at once. I just get into a posting mood and have a hard time stopping, sorry about that.

Odd Fact: Humans cannot sneeze while sleeping. I was wondering about this a few nights ago and looked it up and it turns out you can cough, snore, and talk while asleep, but you can't sneeze. Weird, eh? Just wanted to let you know that in case you ever wondered, or maybe to stop you from wondering.

Question: what makes one a secret identity and the other just an identity? Can someone have two secret identities? More?

I am prepared for one argument, I like to be complicated like that.
Karina: The one that is secret is the one that you assumed second. If you assume more than one identity, then, yes, you can have two. Or more.
Jez: But doesn't Superman keep Clark Kent a secret, just like Clark Kent keeps Superman a secret? Wouldn't that make them both secret identities?

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