Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Philip Reeve's Mortal Engines (review pt 1)

My notes on Philip Reeve's Mortal Engines, full review to follow

London is always moving
•Tom’s view is always changing
•Changes in his life and how he feels about different topics

Simple choice launches Tom into an adventure
•Tom dreams of adventure
•Careful what you wish for

Constant theme: Only the strong survive

Character Changes and Notes
Tom Natsworthy
•Irresponsible > responsible
•Trustworthy > suspicious
•Loves Municipal Darwinism > thinks it’s barbaric
•Loves Catherine > Loves Hester

Hester Shaw
•Doesn’t trust anyone > trusts Tom (and possibly Anna Fang?)
•Hates Valentine > feels sorry for him (similar losses)
•Hides all emotion > shows emotions (loves Tom and cries at the end)
•Angry with Tom all the time > understands and accepts him

Thaddeus Valentine
•Ruthless > understanding
•Loves Medusa > realizes how bad it is
•Obedient > questions Crome (the Lord Mayor)

Catherine Valentine
•Obedient > questions everyone’s motives
•Trustworthy > suspicious
•Quiet > brave and bold
•Secondary protagonist

•Has nothing > gains adventure and love (a purpose?)
•Feels little > gains emotions

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