Thursday, April 13, 2006


I'm an avid book reader, so I relate everything to books. Because of that most of my examples for this will be for books, but you need no prior literary knowledge. You can relate this to anything you love.

When I was younger my grandmother gave me a book for Christmas, Mandie and the Jumping Juniper by Lois Gladys Leppard. I loved that book, and it was number 17 in a series, so naturally, I read the other books. A few years ago I won a copy of the newest Mandie book, Mandie and the New York Secret, autographed by Mrs. Leppard. I had found my holy grail, and loved that book emmensely. But soon enough I got bored with it and wanted something else.

Which brought me to thinking, what will make me satisfied? No earthy thing came to mind, and I started to see that humans will never be satisfied. Something can hold their attention for some time, but a better thing comes out and the old is forgotten. You love your 8-track tapes, but then you want cassette tapes, then CDs, then MP3s, and soon you're waiting in line at Apple at 5AM waiting for the newest iPod to go on sale.

We will never be satisfied because something better will always come along, that's how most companies make their money. They create a product that's okay, then they give you something good, knowing you'll want it, then they come out with great, fantastic, amazing, etc. So if we can never find that one thing that will make us happy, why do we keep spending our money on all this junk just so it can sit in our closets and start gathering dust two weeks later?

Truth is, I don't have the answer either. Sorry to tell you, but no one does. The advertising companies may try to convince you that they know, but they have no clue, just like us. But the advice I can give you is don't worry about what's the latest model or newest upgrade, find something you're happy with that works for you. If AIM 5.0 works great for you, why would you need to upgrade to AIM 9.0? Just stick with what you know and what you like. It'll work for you and you can be more satisfied than before because you won't feel the need to rush out and buy something, that pressure will be gone. Plus, you'll have a lot of extra cash, and cash is usually good, right?

Just something I thought of.

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