Monday, September 04, 2006


Yes, I heard that Steve Irwin died. It's really sad, because he wasn't just entertainment, he was educational. I do know that a lot of people watched him just for his crazy antics, funny dialouge, and to see when he'd get bit. But while we watched The Crocodile Hunter we learned more about the animals in the world. And he made it interesting, I wouldn't care half as much about that stuff if it were taught to me in school.

My mum had predicted for years that he'd die slipping on some soap in the shower. If you ask me, I think he'd much rather die this way than death by soap.

She told me and at first I was like "Crikey! No way!" and then after a minute or two I looked up at her and said, " wasn't soap then?" and we both smiled and laughed. Then I started quoting Steve Irwin.

But it's still really sad, I loved watching him and his crazy antics.

(for those who don't know: he was stabbed in the heart by a stingray)


elizabeth said...

I USED TO DO BLOGSPOT!!! i had a very detailed blog but no one commented and i got bored after a week so i stopped. and i used the same background.

i like that background

Scott said...

I liked Steve Irwin, it's sad that he died.

Anonymous said...


i liked him

Anonymous said...
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